7 of the Hot Guys Jessica Serfaty Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated in the Past

Your level of familiarity with Jessica Serfaty can really vary depending on your age, but mostly on how fond you are of watching America’s Next Top Model reruns on the weekend. That’s right, before the 28-year-old model was making videos with your favorite Viners and racking up over half a million followers on her Instagram account, she was placing fourth on Trya Bank‘s hit reality show. Back then, the Arkansas native’s biggest claim to fame was winning photo shoots on the show for Seventeen magazine and CoverGirl.But a lot has changed for the mother of one. Since getting booted off of ANTM in 2010, she has been signed with Nous and Next Model Management, taking part in more photo shoots than we can count. But it wasn’t actually her work behind the camera that got her on our radar — it was her work behind the video camera. Matt Cutshall and Brandon Calvillo already had a lot of followers on Vine when she started appearing in their videos, and it wasn’t long before the brunette beauty was getting attention.And while she does have some Vine stars dotting her relationship history here and there, she was catching the eyes of some seriously A-list celebs. That’s when it started becoming more commonplace to see her shielding her face from pesky paps and posing on red carpets. By now, she’s accumulated a pretty impressive dating timeline that’s kind of painful to look at, TBH. But we just hope that when she does find the one, he’ll be someone who gets along well with her young son, Roman. Under 10 and overly adorbs, this frequent addition to Jessica’s social media posts — from funny faces to cheek kisses — deserves to have someone special join his fam. [See image gallery at] The post 7 of the Hot Guys Jessica Serfaty Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated in the Past appeared first on Clevver.