Alyssa Milano Reveals Super Bowl Pick and Talks About Her Football Camp

Actress Alyssa Milano has thrown her support behind the Los Angeles Rams to win this Sunday’s Super Bowl. “Rams, for sure! It’s so exciting!” Milano told “Extra” on Wednesday before taking the field at Rose Bowl Stadium to give some lucky female football fans an authentic gridiron-day camp experience. She emphasized, “It’s always exciting around Super Bowl time. The anticipation. The parties. Just the fun and to be able to put this incredible day together is really special.” Alyssa was on hand for the “Day in the Life” event, which is empowering female football fans through their love of the sport. Speaking about the NFL’s first woman coach, for the Arizona Cardinals, she said, “Dr. Jen Welter brought me this idea  of doing a day in the life of a football player through the eyes of women and the female perspective. It’s so vital to give women and girls the opportunity to play sports with the same intensity and the same seriousness we give to guys in sports. Also we are here today to celebrate her work with the Gridiron Girls… which is a foundation where she started giving young girls the opportunity to play football.” Of her schedule for the day, Milano dished, “We are going to have brunch and then our women who signed up to play are going to go through a full training camp. They will get drafted and learn the football fundamentals. They will get Touch gear and a Touch goodie bag to go home with. I’m really excited. It’s going to be a special event.” Alyssa’s line of sports apparel, Touch, is still in high  demand after more than a decade. She commented, “It’s been 12 years now. We are still going. We consider ourselves a fashion line more than anything else. A fashion line that has got logos of our favorite teams.” Ever the sports lover, Milano had a few thoughts on NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski expressing interest in joining Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow in Cincinnati, as well as Tom Brady’s retirement indecision. Milano thinks that Gronkowski has a choice only he can make! She explained, “I think an athlete feels like he can continue playing and that he should continue playing. It’s a short-lived life expectancy. They are the only ones that can decide what is right for their bodies.” As for Brady? She quipped, “I feel like he's retired more than Barbra Streisand… He’s smart enough to understand… All these guys are smart enough to know that they are taking a spot away from a young up-and-comer and that is not a great idea, especially if you have the longevity of the club in mind.” For more information on Touch and the Gridiron Girls Foundation, visit and!