Every Coach Who Left 'The Voice' - Reasons Why Every Judge Left the Show Revealed

The Voice is coming back in 2024.

As one of the biggest singing reality TV competitions in the world- it started off in Holland in 2010 as The Voice of Holland before coming to America in 2011 – the show spread all around the globe with a bunch of international versions, all featuring major superstars for judges.

In years since, plenty of talent has sat in the swivel chairs and coached the contenders all the way to the top. And one by one, all of them have eventually left the show to go on and do other things – even the last remaining original judge from the U.S. series.

After the news of Blake Shelton‘s departure in 2023, we’ve put together the judges who have since departed from The Voice, along with the explanations they’ve given for why they left the show.

Scroll through to see every judge who left The Voice and why…