Hilary Duff on the Reaction to Her NAKED Magazine Cover! (Exclusive)

Hilary Duff and Francia Raisa hit the ABC upfronts to promote the upcoming second season of their Hulu series “How I Met Your Father”! “Extra’s” Tommy DiDario spoke with Hilary, who just went nude for the May/June 2022 cover of Women’s Health. Joined by Francia on the red carpet, Hilary said, “I think I always love a good challenge, and I love to push myself to a little bit of an uncomfortable place and that was definitely it for me… It was a good motivator to get the last bit of my baby weight off from baby number three and just do something that is a little bit wild for me." “I love the way it turned out,” Duff added. “I felt, you know, a little bit nervous when the day was starting and then it was like an all-female cast… The more you sit in it, you get a little more comfortable.” As for the positive reception to the photos, Duff joked, “I got more phone calls than, like, on my birthday or Christmas… My phone was definitely blowing up, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I look really good… I don’t know what I thought I was gonna look like, but you know, it’s something that I think when I’m, you know, 60 or 70, I’m gonna look back and be like, ‘I did that.’” Hilary and Francia are also excited about the second season of “How I Met Your Father”! Duff commented, “We have a huge writers’ room that gets to be in person this year, which is really exciting and different from our first year… Everyone just started writing, and I’m sure we’re gonna go pop in and see what’s going on.” As for what’s to come on the show, Hilary teased, “It’s kind of a mystery to us… I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of dating.” Francia chimed in, saying, “With 20 episodes now, we get to have a lot more fun and more gags and stuff.”