Mariah Carey, Joe Jonas New Year's Eve Feud NOT True

(Getty Images) Mariah Carey and Joe Jonas are not in an ongoing feud related to New Year’s Eve. This is a manufactured story based on erroneous claims first spread months ago. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegations. In early March, two months after Carey and DNCE both participated in “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” the National Enquirer alleged Carey and Jonas were in a feud stemming from a supposed incident on December 31. The supermarket tabloid alleged the songstress “refused” to stand with the singer and his band during the countdown to midnight. “Now Joe doesn’t want anything to do with Mariah or even be at the same events,” a so-called “source” was quoted as saying. In actuality, due to the massive crowds, Carey and Jonas weren’t near each other as the ball dropped. The alleged diss never happened, Gossip Cop confirmed with the superstar’s camp. And, as everyone is well-aware, Carey had much bigger issues to deal with that night. Now almost exactly 12 months after last New Year’s Eve and roughly 10 months since the gossip magazine first peddled this narrative, it is now blaring on its website, “BAD START: Mariah Carey Vs. Joe Jonas — New Year’s Feud Goes On.” The accompanying article maintains that while Carey is “ready to redeem her lip-synching fiasco that started 2017,” she “still has a lingering feud” with Jonas. It’s specifically alleged he’s “still fuming over last year’s snub” and “hasn’t forgiven Mariah for refusing” to join him at midnight. But the outlet has no new information to support these contentions. Rather, it merely regurgitates that same quotes it used in March. The publication then concludes, “There’s good news if Mariah wants to mend fences, since Joe’s younger brother Nick is joining the ABC network’s New Year’s festivities to ring in 2018.” It is true Nick Jonas will be among the performers in Times Square for “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” this year. And it is also true that Carey will be doing another New Year’s performance. But it’s not true that there are “fences” to “mend” between her and the older Jonas. The National Enquirer concocted its previous claims about Carey rebuffing Jonas on New Year’s Eve and fabricated the allegations about a feud. Now simply because she’s returning to the event again this year, the tabloid is recycling the debunked assertions. It is a shameless attempt to game search engines with a seemingly new story about Carey and New Year’s Eve, but it’s really just clickbait that relies on old, discredited misinformation. The only real feud is between the magazine and the truth.