Nice Try! Falynn Guobadia Promotes Tonight’s ‘Truth Telling’ Interview Despite Simon’s Shady Threats Of A ‘Very Expensive Fight’

On her IG, Falynn shared an email from the businessman's legal team who requested that she issue a statement to "diffuse the situation." Falynn also included a text seemingly from Simon that reads that he's retained high-powered attorneys and he hopes Falynn is ready for a "very expensive fight." "This morning I retained a famed defamation attorney to respond to Falynn's latest round of falsehood," reads a text. "The firm gears up by Monday to move aggressively on her and all media outlets carrying her latest falsehood. I have been assured that her interview with "Up and Adam" would not see the light of day. [...] Let her know I'm coming after her liquid assets as well as her valuables. There are consequences for publishing a false narrative on two public figures whose livelihoods depend on public and business perceptions. Let her know to gear up for a very expensive fight."