The BEST Thing About Selena Gomez's Relationship w/ Nick Jonas: Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez may be back with Justin Bieber, but now she’s opening up about her relationship with Nick Jonas, spilling info we’ve only been waiting NINE years to know about.The year was 2008 and all was well in the world. Taylor Swift‘s Fearless album had just come out, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams‘ second breakup made us cry even harder when we watched The Notebook and the Jonas Brothers were taking over the world.Every guy wanted to be the Jonas Brothers and every girl wanted to date them, which is why all eyes were on Selena and Taylor. They were dating Nick and Joe Jonas respectively and our jealousy meter was through the roof. Although neither relationship lasted, we’ll never forget the iconic moment when Taylor called out Joe for dumping her over the phone in 25 seconds on The Ellen Show, but besides that, we’ve gotten some great stories out of their failed relationships, like the one Selena most recently revealed during an interview with British radio station KISS FM, where she gave us an inside look into the start of her friendship with Taylor.When asked how Selena and Taylor first met, Sel responded by saying, “We actually dated the Jonas Brothers; It was hysterical! She was the girl with the big curly hair and all the bracelets and the cowboy boots, and I was definitely up-and-coming and we just clicked.”But perhaps the biggest highlight of the entire interview was when Selena recalled her friendship with Taylor as the one thing she got most out of her relationship with Nick. “It was the best thing we got out of those relationships!” she joked. At least she’s keeping it real!However, Sel did go on to say that she and the Jonas Brothers are ‘lovely’. “We’re all friends now. We were young, you know, it’s a different time.”The post The BEST Thing About Selena Gomez’s Relationship w/ Nick Jonas: Taylor Swift appeared first on Clevver.