Chris Hemsworth Reps 'Mad Max' as the No. 1 Franchise for Australians | Video

While promoting the premiere of “Furiosa” – a prequel to 2015’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” – Chris Hemsworth told Stephen Colbert that the “Mad Max” series is the franchise for Australians.

“Americans have ‘Star Wars,’ the Brits have ‘Harry Potter,’ and we have ‘Mad Max,'” he said on “The Late Show.” “45 years its been running now since George Miller created this world, and it was a dream come true. I grew up watching these films … it’s iconically Australian.”

The Aussie actor – who plays evil warlord Dementus in the film – also revealed his dad once rode motorbikes with the stunt crew from the original “Mad Max” film released back in 1979. Hemsworth paid his father back for introducing him to the series by including him in the movie.

“My dad’s actually in this film, he has a little part in there,” Hemsworth said. “One of the riders from the film had a photograph of my dad with those guys 45 years ago.”

Colbert also asked about Dementus’ unique look and voice in the film. Turns out, Hemsworth drew some vocal inspiration for his villain from an unlikely source.

“I was at the park one day with my kids and there was this big sign that said ‘Don’t Feed the Seagulls’ and of course we’re feeding the seagulls,” he recalled. “And the seagulls, they’re quite an obnoxious little creature. Very abrasive and very angry but not really threatening. I was talking to my wife and said there’s something about that that reminds me of Dementus.”

Hemsworth was also honored Thursday with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While honoring the actor, frequent costar Robert Downey Jr. said he hit up a few of their MCU coworkers to hold a mini-roast.

“I reached out to his fellow ‘Avengers’ to distill three simple describing words: What is Chris Hemsworth?” Downey Jr. said. “First off, Renner says, ‘Absurdly annoyingly amazing.’ Ruffalo came in strong with, ‘Friend from work.’ Scarlett got to the heart of it with, ‘Sensitive leading lady.’ Captain America calls him, 'Second-best Chris.'”

“Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” is now playing in theaters.

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