How 22 Movies and TV Shows Portrayed 9/11 (Photos)

“United 93” (2006) Paul Greengrass took a straight, fact-based approach to tell the story of the passengers who tried to take back the plane.   “World Trade Center” (2006) Oliver Stone‘s drama told the events  from the perspective of first responders.   “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” (2011) Stephen Daldry‘s adaptation of the Jonathan Safron Foer novel followed a kid who lost his father in the attacks.   “Reign Over Me” (2007) Adam Sandler played a man who was still struggling five years after the attacks killed his wife and daughter. “Remember Me” (2010) The Robert Pattinson drama stirred controversy by having a twist ending that culminated in the 9/11 attacks. “The West Wing” (2001) Creator and showrunner Aaron Sorkin wrote this special episode, about a fictional terrorist attack, and it aired just three weeks after the attacks. “Third Watch” (2001) This drama about New York City first responders remembered 9/11 with a non-fiction episode, followed by two episodes putting its main characters directly in the aftermath. “25th Hour” (2002) Spike Lee‘s drama, featuring a pivotal scene at Ground Zero, was the first major film tackling the subject to be released after the attacks, premiering in December 2002. “Dear John” (2010) This Nicholas Sparks adaptation starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried featured flashbacks that saw one character re-enlist in the army due to the attacks. “Julie and Julia” (2009) Set in 2002, Amy Adams‘ character Julie starts cooking as a way to get away from her stressful day job of fielding calls from 9/11 victims during the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.   “Postal” (2007) Uew Boll’s crass comedy opened with a scene joking about fictional hijackers – who flew into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on accident. “24” (2001) Shot a few months before the attacks, the Fox spy thriller unintentionally became the most timely and relevant show in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. “Homeland” (2011) Set in a distinctly post-9/11 world, the series started off mirroring the themes of paranoia and terrorist threats present in the US in the years following the attacks. “Law & Order” After the 9/11 attacks occurred during Season 12 of the long-running drama, various episodes revolved around it, including one episode where a woman’s remains were dumped at Ground Zero in order to cover up an earlier murder. “South Park” (2001) The first episode of the always topical dark comedy to air after 9/11 revolved around America’s invasion of Afghanistan. “Fringe”  (2009) The season one finale of the sci-fi drama featured an alternate world, where the 9/11 attacks hit the White House instead of the Twin Towers. “Tiger Cruise” (2004) This Disney Channel original movie saw Hayden Panettiere dealing with the events of 9/11 as it happened while on a cruise with military members and their families. “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” (2008) The comedy threequel followed the best friends as they’re detained and sent to Guantanamo Bay, after a paranoid fellow plane passenger mistakes Kumar’s bong for a bomb. “The Looming Tower” (2018) The Jeff Daniels-led Hulu miniseries spent much of its run depicting the events leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks, with the finale episode diving into the day itself and the immediate fallout. Related stories from TheWrap:Hollywood Marks 9/11 With a Very Different Plane Story: 'Sully'9/11: America Will Never Forget, But Hollywood Can't Decide How to RememberWill the Seattle Seahawks Protest National Anthem on 9/11?