“Thor: Love and Thunder” Reviews Are In

The reviews for Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Love and Thunder” are in and with 125 reviews counted on Rotten Tomatoes, this fourth entry in the “Thor” franchise has come in a surprising third in the franchise. Taika Waititi’s ‘Love and Thunder’ is currently pulling in a sore of 72% (6.8/10), very close to that of Kenneth Branagh’s first “Thor” at 77% (6.7/10) back in 2011. It’s far behind Waititi’s “Thor: Ragnarok” at 93% (7.6/10), but still well above Alan Taylor’s “Thor: The Dark World” at 66% (6.2/10). Reactions to the film are quite varied overall with some loving, some mixed, some hating with ‘messy’ and ‘fun’ being commonly thrown about words whilst many talking about some really jarring tonal shifts from scene to scene. Here’s a sampling of review quotes: “Thor: Love and Thunder is not nearly as cohesive or propulsive as Thor: Ragnarok, but it’s more ambitious and heartfelt…It can be a bumpy journey at times – but the destination is well worth the trip.” – Germain Lussier, “While it has too many familiar flourishes and jokes, this entertaining sequel is still a force for good, with enough visual ambition and heart in front of and behind the camera to stand on its own.” – Nick Allen, “In our accelerated age of pop culture ADHD, it is remarkable how quickly something that feels fresh, can feel awfully familiar just one solo film later. C+” – Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist “Attempts to balance the jokey tone of “Ragnarok” with themes and plot points that would feel more at home in an Ingmar Bergman film, and the results cancel each other out.” – Alonso Duralde, TheWrap “While reframing Thor as the MCU’s himbo god of jocularity was a solid way of renewing interest in the character, an overabundance of jokes is one of the big reasons why Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder feels like an awkward step back.” – Charles Pulliam-Moore, The Verge “The impressive mix of tones and styles that director Taika Waititi pulled off in Thor: Ragnarok largely fizzles in Thor: Love and Thunder, which isn’t as funny as it wants to be, as stirring as it needs to be or romantic as it ought to be.” – Brian Lowry, “‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ may not define a high point in the MCU’s ongoing mission of world domination, but it’s not a low point either. 2.5/4” – Ann Hornaday, Washington Post “A collision of competing tones, subplots, conceptual big swings and chaos masquerading as pathos, this new addition to the Asgardian-gods-and-monsters corner of Marvel Cinematic Universe is a holy mess.” – David Fear, Rolling Stone “Thor: Love and Thunder” opens around much of the world this Friday. The post “Thor: Love and Thunder” Reviews Are In appeared first on Dark Horizons.